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Buying a home, whether it’s your first or your fifth, is an invariably exciting and intimidating process. When my clients set out on their search for a new Calgary home, I work with them and encourage them to establish some specific goals and price ranges. One thing I recommend for anyone searching for a new home is to make sure you’re pre-approved so that you are able to go into the process eyes open, with a good idea of what you can afford.

Once you’ve been pre-approved, whether it’s through your bank or through someone I am able to recommend, is when the fun begins. It’s important to think clearly about what sort of lifestyle you envision in your new home and community. Are you an urban dweller looking for the energy of city life? Or a new family looking for a vibrant new up-and-coming community? Or perhaps you just want a settled-down quiet neighbourhood to enjoy the simpler side of life.

Born and raised in Calgary, I know this city, and I’ll be able to help you find the perfect home and community for your future, and I’ll work with you to make sure your goals and lifestyle come within your grasp.

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